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Elite Prep (Elite Educational Institute) was established in 1987 specializing in college preparation with long-term student development and rigorous critical thinking and test preparation.

At Elite Open School LRC Tokyo, we also provide part-time courses from Grade 3 to 12 whether students are planning far ahead to attend top-level schools in the US or in the final steps aiming for a higher SAT score.

Let us be your GPA BOOSTER!

Let us be your GPA BOOSTER!

American English for Grade 3 - 10

Within a group setting, our American English program is designed for students to surpass their current level using certified American curriculum. Guided by teachers and mentors, students, regardless of their proficiency level, work through coursework using a digital platform. It is the optimal preparation for aspiring Elite Youth.

  • Read various fictions and nonfictions
  • Master grammar and craft diverse essays
  • Learn to articulate and express thoughts effectively
  • Cultivate critical thinking skills

Autobiographical Writing for Grade 7 - 11

In the Autobiographical Writing Course, students will delve into the art of self-reflection through deep literary analysis and character discussions. Through the exploration of diverse narratives, they will learn to excavate their own personal stories, infusing their writing with genuine emotion and heart.

  • Read thought-provoking materials
  • Rediscover their own narratives and craft powerful personal statements
  • Reflect authentic selves and express identity with depth and sincerity
  • Enhance students’ ability to write compelling college application essays

Book Club for Grade 3 to 5 & 6 to 8

Book Club offers an enriching learning experience where students delve into carefully selected books matched to their individual reading levels. The program is meticulously designed to cater to the needs of both students aiming to enhance their reading abilities and those who are new to the English language.

  • Explore captivating books either chosen by students themselves or recommended by the school
  • Focus on enhancing comprehension, annotation, and vocabulary
  • Engage in meaningful discussions with peers
  • Write book reports and deliver prepared presentations

College Crouse Program for Grade 9 to 12

The College Course Program allows students to enroll in diverse college-level courses, showcasing their commitment to academic excellence. By earning college credits and engaging in advanced coursework, students demonstrate proactive learning and determination, positioning themselves ahead of their peers in college.

Make Your Application OUTSTANDING with College Courses

  • 1-semester college course
  • Transcript from EOS + transcript from accredited American college
  • Credit transfers to US universities to replace General Education requirements

Digital SAT Countdown for Grade 10 to 12

SAT Countdown class in the Spring Semester will enhance SAT skills, knowledge, discipline, and endurance to guarantee and to maintain the scores for the students previously enrolled in SAT Bootcamp and those who want to improve their scores. This class will help the students to maintain and lock in knowledge, skills, and score improvements until the SAT testing dates.

  • Boost your scores and set yourself up for college admissions success
  • Take weekly practice tests and participate in the review sessions with a teacher
  • Receive a personalized feedback packet crafted to pinpoint specific area of improvement

Elite Youth for Grade 5 to 10

Elite Youth empowers students with advanced reading, writing, and discussion skills, fostering confidence and academic excellence. Through the acclaimed Harkness System, akin to Andover's academic culture, students engage in lively debates, enhancing their analytical writing abilities. Teachers guide students towards mastery in discussions and writing, ensuring quality and excellence.

  • Read above grade level nonfiction to foster growth
  • Compose well-organized and logical paragraphs
  • Expand vocabulary for crafting creative sentences
  • Demonstrate coherence and structure in writing

Fundamental Writing for Grade 3 - 7

The objective of Fundamental Writing is to actively involve students in proficient reading and structured writing, preparing them for Youth Lower class. Throughout the program, teachers will provide guidance, assisting students in their reading comprehension and multiple draft compositions.

  • Read intellectually stimulating materials
  • Compose well-organized and logical paragraphs
  • Expand vocabulary for crafting creative sentences
  • Demonstrate coherence and structure in writing

GPA Boost Program for Grade 9 to 12

The GPA Boost program offers students the opportunity to enroll in rigorous UC-approved courses, including Honors and AP courses, tailored to their interests in subjects like English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and more. By engaging in these challenging courses, students can enhance their transcripts and elevate their GPA, ensuring a strong academic foundation and a competitive edge for their college aspirations.

  • Read intellectually stimulating materials
  • Compose well-organized and logical paragraphs
  • Expand vocabulary for crafting creative sentences
  • Demonstrate coherence and structure in writing


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